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         We are a family owned company.  Our goal is to offer the best quality of food at a low price.  Come and enjoy comfortable dining with a wide variety of foods ranging from fast food to home cooked style meals. Top it off with a large selection of on site home baked pies.

Restaurant & Pies

                                                            Bienvenu chez PiesAnna.com

Nous sommes une compagnie familial. Notre but est d'offrir de la nourriture de la meilleur qualité a un prix compétitif. Venez savourer notre grande sélection de nourriture fait maison dans notre ambiance confortable et chaleureux. De plus, vous pouvez savourer une de nos 45 variétés  de tartes.

Piesanna aimerais remercier  / PiesAnna would like to send out a special thanks to

CLD Verdun

Le propriétaire du bâtiment / To the owner of the building
(traductrice et artiste) / (Translator, and artist)
Notre famille et amis qui nous ont encouragé pendant nos démarches / Family members and friends who have been supportive the entire time
Tout les gens courageux qui ont participer a nos soirée de gouters lol / All the brave people who attended the pie tasting events. lol
Tous nos clients  / Customers who helped make this possible
Sans eux, Piesanna n'existerais pas. / Without the following, PiesAnna may never have been formed.

     Heures d'ouverture / Opening hours

Lundi / Monday             Fermer / Closed

Mardi / Tuesday            Fermer / Closed

Mercredi / Wednesday     Fermer / Closed

Jeudi / Thursday           Fermer / Closed

Vendredi / Friday           Fermer / Closed

Samedi / Saturday         Fermer / Closed

Dimanche / Sunday         Fermer / Closed        

It is with great regret and disappointment to announce that PiesAnna will no longer be in operation.  We tried the best we could and battled negotiations  but the end result was a shut down of the restaurant.   Through our 2 and a half years we came across all obstacles, successes, met a lot of great people and made friendships that will last a life time. The  building will be put on the market and sold by the landlord.   We can blame the stars for not being aligned, or government and companies for robbing us blind, but in the end the result would amount to nothing.  Instead we at PiesAnna would like to embark on a positive note and say we had a very memorable experience.  Made dreams come true and helped several people.  We managed to feed well over 50 hungry people, donated to several charities, ran successful charity events and made a lot of people smile again. We were recognized by the city, won several awards, made several newspapers, and were recognized not only in Verdun but word spread to Ontario and upper Quebec.
So our final words will be to our loyal customers.  You've been there since opening day.  You helped us fight the battles, kept us going and helped us make PiesAnna the place it became.  We apologize to you for not being able to continue.  If the stars re-align then perhaps PiesAnna will once again bloom.  Thank you everyone and yes, dreams do come true.  Even if the first dream doesn't go according to plans, never give up.  Walk a different route or tweak your dream till you get it right.
The PiesAnna Team

Fermer / Closed